Sunday, April 17, 2011

This Past Week = MAJOR FAIL!!!

Well, hello, my lovely followers.. and welcome to all the ones that've recently started following..

As the title of this entry states, this past week has been summed up to be a MAJOR fail.. not just major, but with capital letters.. ugh!  And because I want to get it all out of my brain, here I am.. finally.. lol

I've already told you about Tuesday.. well, the rest of the week, Wednesday and Thursday, was just as crappy.. I ate anything I could get my hands on.. and McDonald's was a big issue for me.. sadly.. I'm not sure what happened, but this week just threw me for a loop..

Now Friday, well that day was a doozy.. I was running late for work, so me being me, I was a little speedy on the Interstate.. so my luck just wouldn't quit being bad, and I got pulled over.. my an Indiana State police officer.. Well, he was nice enough to give me a warning.. I was going 7 miles over the speed limit.. he gave me a warning bc he was arresting me for a 3 year old warrant from another county.. seriously?!  It was for "Failure To Appear" btw..

Even the cop was kinda sympathetic.. which was really great.. he handcuffed me, after I called my mom (to save me from impound fees), with my hands in front of me.. and I rode in the front seat.. I was in jail for almost 4 hours.. worst four hours of my life!!!  And I even had to call the dad of the kids I was babyistting for to let him know I was being arrested.. how embarrassing!  All I can think is that I'm thankful that my parents were so great to come get me out so quickly.. and that my bail was only $500, so they paid the 10% and got me out.. if they hadn't been able to, I'd have been stuck in there all weekend.. :(   So I have to go to court on Monday at 9:30.. and I plan to go with as much information as physically possible..

Oh, did I mention I weighed in on Friday morning before I left for work?!  Yeah, I'd gained 5lbs in ONE WEEK!!  WHAT?!  Yep, that's me.. I can gain weight like nobody else.. :(   This weekend hasn't been much better.. physically, it's been better.. eating, it's been just as bad.. ugh!  Which has led me to realize that I really haven't been taking this weight loss seriously for quite some time..  It's so easy to blame my life, or whatever else, on my inability to permanently lose weight.. but it's not the truth.. the truth is I honestly haven't cared about what I'm doing for a few months.. 

I was going to the gym at least 4 days a week for a while.. then I realized I was getting home later and later every day.. and that was an excuse for me.. now, I'm sitting here thinking "what the hell does it matter what time I get home at?! My DVR is recording all my shows, and I'm not gonna watch them until later anyways.. so why not go to the gym when I could?!"  It's so sad that I've wasted all this time when I should have realized all this earlier.. I've been just coasting by, living life at 50% (if that).. and that's not the kind of life I deserve.. I deserve to put in the effort now, to live a comfy life LATER.. I need to earn my comfy life.. 
So, as of tomorrow, I will be up 90 minutes before I have to leave for work everyday.. on days I don't work, I will get up by 9am.. I will eat breakfast everyday (even if it's just a banana).. I will pack a lunch to eat at work.. I will count calories like a madman.. I will try my hardest to stay away from drive-thru's.. and I will cook at least twice a week (this is not including my mom's cooking).. and I will stop eating throughout the night (big no-no)..

I know some of you are like "HALLELUJAH! SHE'S FINALLY SEEN THE LIGHT!!"  and then some of you are prolly thinking sympathetic thoughts.. but I don't blame anyone for thinking the first thing.. I am hoping this is finally the "light".. especially since in 3 months, I've been on this journey for a year.. and 25 lbs in a year isn't really something to be proud of.. at least not to me..


  1. We all have bad weeks! I would be so preoccupied about the court date that I'd probably eat everything in sight too! Good luck with your monday appearance.

    5 lbs is not all gain! There is water retention in there and it IS reversable.

  2. Ugh! What a week you had. I feel for you. Don't let the 5 lbs get you down. It has to be more than just gaining weight. Good luck in court!

  3. some days are harder than others and fast food can be the devil once you get used to not having it though it dosent have the great taste you thought it did when you have it again...suddenly you realize just how greasy it is and how much better a higher quality burger is ..both for you and taste wise. Good for you figuring out what you need to change, I know you can do it!

  4. I've fallen off the wagon of late, too, but I'm solidly back on now. Here...hop aboard. I saved you a seat. :)

  5. It's life and stuff happens, luckily there's people in your life that care and came for you! don't call it a major fail, what do you do when you fall down? you get up right? so just move on...

  6. I had a bad week this week too. I worked out on Monday and Tuesday and sat on the couch the rest of the week. I also feel like I have been going at 50% for a while too. I try to figure out why I haven't lost any weight but then I realize that I am kidding myself and I know wy I havent been losing it. I'll jump back on the band wagon with you!

  7. Okay, so I'm giving you a pass for everything because hello??? You were arrested!! Handcuffed! I was sitting here with my jaw open. Yeah, that's a bad week. Next week will be better because it has too!! haha! Good luck in court tomorrow. Drinking loads of water and tracking are what I'm working on this week.

  8. OMG what a horrible week! And I thought my week was bad. I did get my exercise in 4 days and my eating was not stellar but I did cook all week. Hugs...and good luck on the court date!

  9. Arrested?!? Crazy week girl! I am glad that if you've been coasting then you realized it. We all have those moments when we say "what have I been doing for the last month??" and we realize we've been coasting. Realizing it is a great step though and I know you can push through!

    Good luck in court!